Mind Your Health & Wellness is an organization dedicated to bringing about total recovery through high quality, cost-effective, person-centered, Level 3.3 substance abuse residential treatment programs.

The MYHW Vision

MYHW, LLC will be recognized as the comprehensive, yet affordable, long term drug addiction treatment program that focuses on HEALing to ensure client recovery success. We believe that by using a Holistic approach to Empower our clients through our Authentic care team, they can be Liberated from the turmoil of addictions.

A Cut Above The Rest

MYHW is a first rate team that utilizes a HEALing approach to bring about change in the lives of each client we service through our Holistic, Empowering, Authentic and Liberating programs (H.E.A.L).

Our approach is centered around the understanding that addiction is an isolating and debilitating disease that if left untreated can be terminal.

Our residential treatment program is designed to enable recovery and to reinforce sober living skills through our core values:

H- Holistic approach that cares for and tends to the entire person: mind, body and spirit.

E- Empowering clients with skills and resources needed to ensure they leave with an improved outlook on life.

A- Authentic care provided by our dedicated staff who take pride in assisting clients in their healing journeys.

L- Liberating clients from addictions and addictive mentalities through counseling, while rebuilding their sense of livelihood and purpose.

Our Healing Appoach

  • Separate homes for male and female clientele
  • Maryland Medicaid and Fee for Service Accepted
  • Psychiatric Treatment & Medication Therapy
  • Transportation to Scheduled Appointments
  • Safe, clean, family- style environment
  • Relapse Prevention Skills
  • Life Enriching Resources & Skills

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Our approach is centered around the understanding that addiction is an isolating and debilitating disease, that if left untreated can be terminal.

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